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Dubai Weather : Experience the Weather in Dubai

Dubai Weather - Weather in Dubai
Dubai Weather - Weather in Dubai

Are you planning for a special holiday vacation in Dubai? First of all, you have to know the weather in Dubai. Is the weather good or bad? Is it okay for you to travel with its condition? Weather is the most important thing to know when planning a vacation trip so that you will know if the vacation enjoyable and inspiring. With its good weather condition, you will experience the most enjoyable vacation in your entire life. You will also enjoy viewing the wonders and luxurious tourist spots in Dubai. The location of Dubai is within the Northern desert belt which brings to its tropical desert climate. Most days in Dubai are sunny, and winters are warm and short. It also brings an unusual rainfall that is ideal for the Middle East. Dubai is one of the great cities in the world and has numerous hot spots for tourists. It welcomes visitors anytime at any place.

Dubai Weather : Winter and Rainy seasons

The months of December to March are considered as the most comfortable weather in Dubai for holiday vacation because of its continuing pleasant condition. The average temperature during daytime is 24 degrees Celsius and a cooler temperature during night time. So, you can expect a chilly night during this season. This reveals a pleasant weather condition where visitors can feel relaxation. Rainfall also occurs mostly in this period with thunderstorms that occur occasionally. The rainfall in Dubai occurs in a short period with an average of five days in a year. Within this period, February is usually the wettest month that carries an average of 1.4 inches or 35 millimeters of rain. Moreover, there is about an average amount of rain in the months of January, April, July, October and November in comparison to the lower amount of rain in the months of May, August, and September. On the other hand, winter seasons occur on the months of January to March. During this period, the weather in Dubai gives pleasant and relaxing conditions to visitors. The highest temperature hits to 30 degrees Celsius while the lowest temperature hits to 15 degrees Celsius. In addition, December to April is the best time for holiday vacation.

Dubai Weather : Summer Seasons

Dubai is a place where hot temperature remains constant, and summer is the worst weather during the month of June to September. The most humid day falls in the first day of April where uncomfortable conditions occur. The average temperature rises to 40 degrees Celsius with high humidity level at 80-90 percent. With this condition, tourists will experience uncomfortable conditions. Because of this, summer season in Dubai is not a good fit for holiday vacation. Even some of Dubai citizens travel to other countries just to avoid the summer season. Despite the uncomfortable summer season in Dubai, you can still find places for refreshing like the swimming pools and air conditioned rooms. During summer seasons, always drink water for a healthy body and wear sun blocks to avoid skin diseases.

Exploring with the weather in Dubai

Visiting Dubai is a great opportunity for a holiday vacation. To experience the real Dubai, you have to encounter all the seasonable weathers in Dubai. There are many ways to do if you feel uncomfortable with the Dubai Weather conditions. One way of avoiding the heat is going to beaches, swimming pools and air conditioned rooms. In the pleasant weather months, you will fully enjoy exploring the amazing and surprising tourist destinations in Dubai. Above all, the weather in Dubai is still the best because it provides many ways to enjoy in accordance with its weather conditions.