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Discovering the Incredible Dubai Palm Islands

Discovering the Incredible Dubai Palm Islands
Discovering the Incredible Dubai Palm Islands

Discover the world’s largest man-made archipelago located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This is the Dubai palm islands which are made in the form of palm trees. It has three man-made islands namely the Palm Jumeirah, the palm Jebel Ali, and the palm Deira. Of the three islands, palm Jumeirah is the smallest and unique island. Second is the palm Jebel Ali, and then third, the palm Diera which is the largest island. These tourist spots have enormous luxury hotels, restaurants and other human needs that provide high standard quality of service to customers. On the other hand, Dubai has opulent palm hotel that provides shuttle service to the coastal areas and to the shopping malls. The one and only Dubai palm is worth visiting and refreshing. The amazing palm islands can be reached ten minutes away using a car from the Dubai international airport.

The Three Man-made Islands

Dubai is becoming more popular because of its huge artificial islands which were named as eighth wonders of the world. The palm Jumeirah, the first man-made island consists of several trunks with a crown looking surrounding it that serves as a breakwater. The palm Jebel Ali, the second man-made island is much larger than the Jumeiral Island. The Deira palm island is the largest of the three islands consisting of residential property, malls, and others. Each of these islands is palm-tree shaped with different sizes. This island wonders of Dubai reveals the unique and intellectual creativity of contractors to the project

Amazing Hotels

Other amazing tourist destinations in Dubai are the opulent palm hotels. The palm hotel consists of two restaurants and five nightclubs. It has air-conditioned rooms with useful appliances like television and refrigerator. It has a lot of activities where in visitors will feel the excitement as if they are dreaming. This hotel also offers a high standard quality of service to visitors. The Atlantis Palm hotel, located at the man-made island has beautiful surroundings where guests will have full enjoyment and relaxation. It provides 170,000 square meters water park where guests can take exciting and enjoyable activities. Atlantis is best for families and couples. The Kempinski hotel in Dubai is found in the crescent of palm Jumeirah. It offers a lot of interesting views and it is the best place for relaxation.

Exploring the Dubai palm Islands

When planning to have a vacation, Dubai palm is the best place for exploration. It provides countless amazing views of tourist destinations so you will not be bored, instead make your time worthwhile in exploring the world’s largest man-made islands. The clear blue sky meets visitors with the sun shining bright towards the clear blue ocean. Dubai Palm is a place where you can enjoy water slides, river riding and a playground for children. Children will have the right place to play and enjoy the most opulent place. Dubai palm offers restaurants with different kinds of foods to choose. Aside from restaurants are endless shopping malls and white beaches which give more exciting place for relaxation.

When planning to have a trip in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, first thing is to check visa requirements before travelling. Check also the cost of hotels as well as the tourist attractions where you are planning to visit with. One more thing is to know the climate of the area so that you know what things to bring. You will expect different cultures and traditions so be ready for personal adjustments. The Dubai palm islands are the best place to visit and surely you will plan again to visit again and again!

Dubai’s Palm Islands – Megastructure Documentary

Below  is a documentary video created by National Geographic Channel about Dubai Palm Islands with an overview on the construction and operation of building this huge construction project.