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Extreme fun in Dubai : A Wide variety of activities

Extreme fun in Dubai
Extreme fun in Dubai

Those of you who get their kicks from bungee jumping, base jumping or any other kind of jumping….well Dubai has interesting and different extreme activities to offer you.

For a country that is known to offer the best available to its guests, extreme lovers can find a wide variety of activities, land, air or sea.

We have gathered some for you:

1.       Dune buggy

A sport NOT to be found anywhere else. A rare combination of sand, slopes, fast and strong vehicles, no real rules and lots and lots of fun.

All you have to do is buckle up, listen to the basic instructions and slowly find out what is means to be a sand king…

This unique adventure is recommended to those who are looking for high speed, tight turns and lots and lots of sand flying around.

2.       Sand surfing (and ski too)

OK, so you ski and snow board but have you ever sand surfed? NO?

Think of a hot summer day, sun in the sky, you in shorts on your board.

If you are a snow boarder then you will find this sport very similar and extremely fun.

On dunes outside the city you will surf in a scenery much different to the snowy slopes you are used too. No lanes, no crowd just endless mountains of snow to ride on.

If you are not a ski lover then we can suggest you just climb the dune and then let physics do it’s magic. You would be surprised how much fun running down a deep sand dune can be.

If, after all of this fun, you want real snow and ski then just go to the Mall of the Emirates where an indoor ski resort awaits you.

3.       Falconry hunting

Now let’s see you in an activity reserved for kings and princes. Imagine holding in your hand a lethal weapon made by nature. Imagine you had the ability to become as one with this creature, control its reactions and hunt together. All of this in a magical background taken form Arabian nights.

This is falconry. A day out for a special experience.

4.       Hot ballooning

True, not the most extreme activity but never the less, the sights of the desert, the tranquility, the beauty of it all makes this adventure a one to remember for a long time. You can go as a group, take your family or surprise your darling with a romantic, unforgettable experience.

A short drive outside the city and you are in for a experience of your life.

If you are looking for something special or you are just a thrill lover, all of the activities above will make your vacation a special one.

 All activities mentioned above are in addition to the classic extreme activities you can find in Dubai such as sky diving, under water activity, jumping (bounce), ski, Jet Ski and much more.

So for a vacation packed with fun activities and adrenaline, Dubai has a lot to offer.

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