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hotels in Dubai : The Wonders of Dubai’s Best Hotels


Where do you want to go in the future? It’s a question asked by a playmate when I was a kid. Now as I am watching pictures of numerous beautiful tourist spots, I guess I already have an answer to my playmate’s question. Dubai is a place that you really want to spend your most awaited vacation! With all its breathtaking beaches, world’s biggest shopping malls, and fascinating people, and of course it’s wonderful and very welcoming best hotels in Dubai. Experience a place for relaxation and enjoyable activities on your holiday vacation. Dubai is really a must-visit place.

  • Al Qasr : The Golden-like Hotel

When you are going somewhere for a vacation, selecting the best hotel accommodation should be your priority. It should be a place where you would feel at home or even finer than home. Hotels in Dubai do offer luxury, modernity and sophistication that you ever dreamed of. Just like Al Qasr, the so- called jewel of Madinat Jumeirah. It has the splendor of traditional yet modern royal architecture. It is adorned with stunning sculptures of Arabian horses and looks like a golden palace during the night. It offers world class restaurants, bars and cafes, spas, boutiques, shops and galleries so that you can have everything that you need or want all in the same place. It has the most comfortable bedrooms so that you can have the perfect rest after the perfect yet tiring day in the beach.

hotels in Dubai - Al Qasr : The Golden-like Hotel
hotels in Dubai – Al Qasr : The Golden-like Hotel (jumeirah.com)
  • Burj Al Arab :The most luxurious Hotel in the World

Dubai also has the Burj Al Arab, a taste of luxury all throughout. It is also a facebook figure for it has a distinctive sail-shaped structure. You would love to take a picture both inside and out for all your friends to see. However, nothing is more wonderful about Burj Al Arab than the hospitality and gracefulness of its employees and the extraordinary services and facilities they offer. You have all the choices to take their chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce while making a tour in their vast territories. This hotel offers restaurants, bars, spas and health clubs, luxurious suites, and a helicopter for transport service. It also includes a wild wadi waterpark for you to access during your stay in the hotel.

hotels in Dubai Burj Al Arab
hotels in Dubai : Burj Al Arab (jumeirah.com)
  • A Wave-like Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Another best hotel in Dubai is the Jumeirah beach hotel which looks like a wave and the most recognized hotel in Dubai. It has 617 rooms with 598 rooms where you can view the astonishing Persian Gulf and 19 rooms with beachside villas designed in traditional Arabian style. The hotel includes swimming pools (includes kid’s swimming pools), scuba diving center, a multi-purpose court, Sinbad’s kids club and many more. With this, it is the best fit for families. It is also good in conducting activities like wedding ceremonies, meetings and conferences.

hotels in Dubai A Wave-like Jumeirah Beach Hotel
hotels in Dubai : A Wave-like Jumeirah Beach Hotel (jumeirah.com)

Explore the Best hotels in Dubai

There are many best hotels in Dubai waiting for you aside from the stated above. If you want to view and learn more of the best hotels, I encourage you to browse on the internet and select what you want. In Dubai, you will find everything you are looking for not just the usable things, but also the values and traditions of the people living there. Every hotel has a full security for visitors so there’s nothing to worry about when you are there. Also, the employees are well mannered towards guests and customers. You will also meet high quality of service and respect and feel their warm welcome. Because of this, you can say that the best hotels in Dubai are worth visiting!

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