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How to get around Dubai quickly and efficiently ?

How to get around Dubai quickly and efficiently
How to get around Dubai quickly and efficiently

Dubai is a modern city that combines old and ultra-new. The city offers many places to do and see and is full of phenomenal places and buildings that can make anyone learn the actual meaning of glamour as it captures the visitors by its magical spell.

As a well-planned modern city, Dubai has multi lane high ways for those of you that want to drive around in a car, a comfortable Metro system, buses, Taxies, monorail and more.

For the first time visitor, it is difficult to know how to get around in the city of Dubai. Therefore, we have some guidelines for you so that you can grasp a better idea about how to get around in the city of Dubai even if your visit time span is of few days. Follow these suggestions and plan your visit for making it worth remembering.

  1. Driving your way around

First of all and most important, driving in Dubai is like taking part in a Middle Eastern race…

The ordinary local Dubai driver is passionate, warm blooded and always right. Dealing with him is, well……difficult. We advise you to calm down and not to take anything personal. It’s the heat…

In order to drive in Dubai you need a valid international license or a local temporary one.

Rented cars are in very good condition and all have AC.

Parking is in designated and marked places and according to the local council rates. Some hours and days the parking is free.

  1. Taxi services

As in all modern cities, The Dubai taxis are a convenient yet costly way to move around town.

Taxis are cream coloured Toyotas (well, most are) with various coloured roof tops (red, blue, green etc..) As a Muslim country, Dubai has a unique women’s only taxi service – recognized by the pink roof top.

You can stop a taxi on the street or order a taxi by calling one of the companies.

If you cash is not an issue you can always ask for a Lamborghini, Ferrari or Bentley Taxi…

  1. The metro

The Dubai Metro is a newly build one and has two lines – red and green.

The red line runs along the beaches. The green line

There are more than 45 stations that are about 1.5 km apart. The train is comfortable. Please note there are classes (gold, women and silver) – pick you class wisely…

In each station you can find direct connection to buses and taxies.

You can but various kinds of tickets according to the zone and usage.

If you plan on visiting the coast – the metro offers a convenient and cheap experience.

  1. Buses

The bus system of Dubai is a very comfortable way of seeing the city and its attractions.

Buses are to find everywhere and smart planning will make sure you make the most of your day using busses with over 500 bus stations around the city.

Try to use a trip planner on the bus company site to plan your trip.

You can find a bus from the airport, public buses, night buses and more.

And how do you pay for it all?

Very easy – a NOL card, which is a smart card, valid on most public transportation means throughout Dubai.

  1. The monorail

This is more of a tourist attraction then a useful mean of transportation.

The Monorail is used to see the Palm Jumeirah. The line runs along the trunk of the Palm Jumeirah up to the Atlantis hotel which is the end of the line.

  1. Water buses and Abra

A cheap, different and fun way of getting around is by using a ferry or Abra which is a traditional wooden motorized boat.

Other option is using a water bus that run in 4 different routes and basically cover a lot of Dubai coastal attractions.

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